Thursday, May 23, 2013

Current game: Stranded


I am currently developing a new game and since i have been busy with school i havn't got time to write on this site or work on my project. But as a kick starter i decided now to explain a little bit what im working with. I am currently developing a new game with the theme "Stranded" i decided to use this theme since i like the "open world" idea together with sandbox. I always loved the GTA games since it had an open world and thats like a bit of my inspiration.
My game will be about the player being stranded on an island and will have to struggle to survive. It will be a 2D game where you gain points the longer you stay alive and not dying.

Here is an image you could call super early alpha stage of the game. All that is basicaly done is the random world generation which is currently working.. I have a list in my personal notebook with stuff i need to add.. Next up is adding a class i can extend for world objects like grass and trees which i want to have because i might want to add features for different materials like stone or tree objects needs collision but the grass doesn't. And from that i want to just improve some things i think works pretty bad in the game so far. Here is the image as promised:
Not much just some place holder graphics i made myself untill i find someone else to do it. But the world is random generated!

I am also planning on actualy creating a team for the development of this game so i might introduce a graphics artist or another programmer later on if i find someone i like :)

I think thats all for now,
Thanks for reading and have a good day!

Friday, April 26, 2013

First game finished


Today i finished up my project called "Pong Rebirth". This is the first game that i personally would call my first finished game. I have made other games before but i never finished the all the way out.
Looking back at the code for this game im not satisfied with my work, I have been sloppy and i should be able to do better. But from coming back from a 1 year break i should be happy with what i achieved.

Here is a screenshot of the game running:
Game explanation:
You controll the red rectangle and your goal is to hit the ball so it passes the blue rectangle (The enemy) and go out of the screen. You should also attempt to not let the ball go outside your part of the screen since that would give your opponent a point.
Arrow up: Move up
Arrow down: Move down

If you are intrested in getting the game or the code you can get it on github through this link:

Additional thoughts:
Creating pong as a way of refreshing my memory when it comes to programming turned out to be a very good idea. The way i actualy took my time of finishing the project was to not think too big of the game from the start. I thought in small steps started with a white square i could move around the screen then creating collisions when the square hit the walls etc etc. This was a good way for me saying that "Im Back" and i will take the rest of my birthday (Which is today) off to actualy play some games myself.

Thanks for reading and hope you like the game.